The Number 1 Social Media Rule – #BeSocial

I always see businesses posting and posting and wondering why they aren’t getting much engagement. They ask me what they are doing wrong. My answer is very simple, BE SOCIAL! Stop posting and start conversing! Of course you want to get your information out there, but you need to get people involved with you.

Engaging Content Creation

In the digital marketing world we always hear about content creation. However, many people think they need to create tons of content and all they need to do is post the content to get engagement. That’s not the case at all! You need to create content but the content that you create needs to engage others with. Large corporations have the ability to post questions and get hundreds of answers, small businesses many times need to ask questions directly to consumers. I have found this to be the best way to engage everyone! Make sure to directly ask people questions and don’t get discouraged if not everyone responds back to you!

Content Exploration

Want to know a great secret about social media and being social? You can search what people are talking about! If you want to talk about a certain topic, search it and you can see who else is talking about it in real time! Take about an hour of your social media time a week and find people talking about topics your business is involved in! This allow you to see who is on social media at the time (for the most part) and try to keep their conversations going that they created and try to get your conversations started!

Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 1.01.59 PM

Reply Back

I cannot tell you how surprised I am when businesses don’t reply back to consumers online! Whenever someone connects with you, connect back! Even if they are just tagging you as a location, comment on the post. This makes your consumers feel so much more involved in your business and feel that you honestly care about them and the business you get because of them. Your consumers make your business successful, take some time and engage them online whenever you can! It will help your image!

Dealing with Negativity

This is another important rule that I find very important to say here. When someone says something bad (true or not) you need to respond back to him or her and try to fix it. People look at reviews when finding where to eat, go, buy, etc. They look at what consumers say and if there is a bad review or comment they take those more seriously than the good ones. Make sure to never delete a bad comment because it looks like you’re hiding something. If you respond to bad reviews and comments even just saying sorry will go a long way!



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