Social Media Analysis using Quintly

How is my brand performing on social media?

One of my favorite social media analytic software systems currently is Quintly. They are out of Germany and in my opinion, have one of the best systems out there!

You can analyze Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, and RSS feeds.

Number of Fans, Followers, & Subscribers

I will always tell you, it’s not about the amount of fans, followers, or subscribers you have, but the engagement you receive. Even though this is true, It’s always important to see where you are starting from and the first aspect most people look at is their reach or number of fans, followers, subscribers.

Key Metrics Table


Qunitly gives a great chart with the social media channel’s Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). This allows you to see what is essentially the most important factors for a company’s success on that particular social media channel. Now, this may not be completely true for each business so use your judgement.

Top Countries


If you are working at a transnational corporation or even a local shop, understanding where in the world you are reaching is increasingly important. The world gets smaller each day with new technological advances. You are looking at current and potential regions to expand to.

Posts with the Highest Interaction Rates


Now, we are getting into the engagement aspect of analytics, my favorite and in my opinion some of the most important. When you look at each of your posts within the last month or week, you need to understand how users interacted with them. To start with, I tell companies to look a the most engaging posts and continue to post similar content. I then look at their least engaged content and together we strategize to make all of their content engaging.

Best Days and Times for Interaction


This is my favorite graph to analyze! By the time you use this graph, you typically have engaging content and this helps answer the question, when should I post my content? You want to know when users are online and when they are interacting with you. Now, this doesn’t show us when they are online, if you have access to the manager page you can see that information.

Response Times


When a user takes time to ask you a question or give your company a compliment/complaint, you need to respond. Social media wasn’t created for marketing, it was created for being social! Even though we have modified social media to be a marketers dream, we still need to be social with our customers, potential customers, and even anyone online. This not only helps with our clout (measure with Klout), but also your brand image.

Now, Quintly has tons of other analytics to help create the perfect strategy for your brand. If you don’t like their system, I’ve used Simply Measured, Social Sprout, Social Report, and many others!


7 thoughts on “Social Media Analysis using Quintly

    • mrktingwithme says:

      Hi Karen, I don’t think worrying about the about of fans/followers you have is what a business needs to worry about. You should always try to increase your interaction rate and that will increase your influence over your community. This also typically correlates with increasing fans/followers. There are always exceptions to this, but I always focus my attention on the interactions received rather than the amount of fans/followers.


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