Why Reddit is the Perfect Social Media Marketing Tool



Marketing on Reddit

Now, you may call me crazy but Reddit is everything a marketer could wish for! We can choose thousands of different subreddits to connect directly with an active community interested in our industry! This gives us direct access to them and to create a relationship with them, also remember the 80/20 rule:

80% of all revenue come from 20% of your customers

A big key phrase I used here was, active community. Reddit users are creators and critics on this platform! This means they are creating original content and they are commenting on that content. They are also spectators, they read a lot of the content being posted.

On Reddit, we have access to customers/potential customers that could become brand advocates for us! Just be careful because on Reddit, they can make or break you! Tip: Before entering use our tip list and make sure you have a positive sentiment.

5 Tips on using Reddit as a business:

  1. Listen before becoming active. Follow different subreddits your audience is interested in and listen to how, when, where, and why users are active on each subreddit. You need to understand that community before trying to get accepted into their circle.
  2. Follow the rules. Each subreddit has a set of rules along with Reddit’s user policy. Make sure to read each rule and understand what you can and can not post.
  3. Do not sell. Reddit isn’t a place for selling but a place for conservation. Many rules even discourage sales or even asking to be on an email list. Follow the rules or risk backlash.
  4. Be active! This tip is true for every social media site but even more so with Reddit since we are not selling at all. You need to comment on subreddits, reply back to user commenting on your posts, and the be overall interactive on the site. Engage with your audience, get to know them and let them know you!
  5. Check your sentiment before entering. Look at your overall sentiment online. Is it good or bad? You need to tread carefully if it is bad because there is a strong chance users will bring those bad traits up. Create a strong crisis communication plan to help increasing a positive sentiment.



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