Creating a Facebook Live Strategy

Facebook Live

Recently, Facebook rolled out their Facebook Live feature. Personally, I think live video streaming is the future of social media marketing! It’s such a great way to engage with your audience and bring them into your community. I am happy to see more and more SME’s using this new feature but it brings me to wonder:

What is their strategy?

Should this strategy be the same as our current Facebook strategy?

If not, how do we need to modify it from now on?

Hopefully, they are being strategic in using this feature and overall Facebook use. Going onto the second and third questions, my answer is no. Using Facebook live means that you need to modify your strategy to optimize the use of their feature.

Now, using this tool would be the same concept of using any other live streaming site. Oh, except the fact that you most likely already have an audience :). This means instead of having an initial goal to build your audience, you need to look at curating the content for your current audience.

This means looking at when your audience is on Facebook. Luckily, we have Facebook Insights. This is a free tool given to you by Facebook and lets your know when the majority if your audience is actually on the app. You need to know this! This will give you the best chance of reaching the most users that are already interested in you and to create a strong relationship with them.

The rest of yours core Facebook strategy is really the same but you have to make sure you aren’t posting too much. People do not like to get a flood of posts on Facebook from one business. Make sure to also see what works best for you. Look at the content your audience is interested in but that doesn’t guarantee they will video the life stream. They may want to get access to that content a different way so test out different methods and always always always analyze your efforts!


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